Monday, June 28, 2010

Moral Bankruptcy – Myth or Reality

“Do morals make us better people or are they shackles, preventing us from being true to ourselves?”

Looking back, I recall every time my parents or peers telling me that certain things (many things, if you ask me) should not be done or even thought of because they are immoral. It got me thinking. I mean, that basically means a significant number of things I want to do and features that make me, ME, are all classified as immoral. And it doesn’t help to know when your very parents brand you the BLACKSHEEP of the entire family. Now that blows.

Can anyone else relate? I know YOU can, but will you be kind enough (to yourself) to admit it?

Society, dictates how we ought to live. Isn’t this another way to simply bind us to a way of life which our forefathers preached many many years ago? I respond with a big FUCK YOU.

What did they know about the pleasures of life? How dare they tell us how to live?

I say, that those who insist on certain so-called moral values are the ones could not actually live out their fantasies and thereby resorted to vile tactics, hid behind religion and codes of conduct, and actually have the audacity to tell us what’s RIGHT AND WRONG. How fucked up is that?

End of the day, although man is apparently spiritually advanced and all that hyperbole, man has become his own worst enemy. Let’s face it. MAN IS YET ANOTHER ANIMAL. Sometimes better, but more often worse than our four-legged brothers. Isn’t it time we took a stick of dynamite and blew up this structure and went on to live our lives the way we see fit? Let’s live the way we want to. Do what (OR WHO) we want to do.

My question to YOU


sn’t a moment/night of debauchery better than a night of loneliness fantasizing about things that you will not do because of what others will think?

Monday, June 21, 2010

The forbidden fruit….

From time immemorial, man has always been attracted to what eludes him. It’s been human nature to head towards the “forbidden fruit” (Eve, this one’s all on you).

Anyway, there’s this chick I dig. And the reason for my obsession is simple… she is totally fucking cool, loves Al Pacino movies (how many girls actually like Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate regardless of the fact that Keanu Reeves is in it), big fan of Usher (now this girl’s got taste), tough as hell, loves a drinking binge, “awe-fucking-some” in bed (yeah…she is –wait this should have been no. 1 on the list), likes grunge rock and last but not least she is spoken for (hence the forbidden fruit). Yeah yeah, she’s got a steady boyfriend whom she intends to marry.

Don’t judge us (I don’t have to say this cos’ if you are reading this blog you have already left your “judgmental self” at the door), we are only human… we chat late into the night, get horney online (she gives a mean performance on cam) and met up a few times at my place. The amazing thing is, although we sounded really nasty when chatting n all, when we met up it was quite different. It was not all “fucky, fucky” like we anticipated it to be. We drank, talked (a lot, even about ghosts) and basically hung out and of course fucked our brains out.

But the sad part is, once our “hang out session” ends we have to face reality, I mean I have to face reality. She goes back home, and will be talking to her guy and make plans to meet up with him the following day while I revel in my loneliness. I know it seems so easy to judge her but you shouldn’t. I’m not saying this cos’ I’m into her or anything, it’s just that most of us are much worse and in her case she has the “balls” to actually come clean with her guy, should we get caught. How many of us would do that?

Yes, we are attracted to each other like mad and YOU must keep in mind that attraction is not a choice – it happens. Love being with her, love her company, love the hot, sweaty n nasty sex, love the way she takes care of me (she even formatted my computer and re-installed software and all for me) but hate the fact that it’s all short-lived.

As I write, she is posing for me on cam, in some sexy lingerie (hats off to Midnight Divas, whom I’ve grown to love) and as a result I’m typing with an incredible hard-on.

The best part is she knows I’m typing this right now but wants to wait till I actually posted it, for her to read it, unlike others who would want to read it first before it gets published. Love her guts.

She did admit that I may go down as a crazy and offensive “wannabe blogger”, and I told her that I’d rather go down on her. It gets better – I told her that I would love for her to go down on me as I type this blog and you know what – she wishes the same.

She does have one weird habit though…laughing right after sex. First time, I thought “oh, fuck, she’s laughing at me cos’ I sucked”. I asked her about it and she admitted she does that cos’ she is delighted with the sex. That put a smile on my face.

Also she was wondering whether it’s a bad thing to moan loudly. I told her I loved it cos’ it was reminder that I was doing my job right.

We just made plans to hook up again though and I must admit that I do look forward to it. Anyone who dares to judge, just keep in mind that while “you’re judging we’ll be fucking”. And I intend to enjoy this while it lasts cos' once it's over, it's over, and life as I know it, may suck (at least for awhile).

A dose of sweet & sour anyone??!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Funny thing is, I’m writing this after downing a few shots of some cheap liquor. So if my thoughts seem slightly off the hook or off track, I DO NOT APOLOGISE.

Anyway, I was just wondering what alcoholism is, since few of my friends have accused me of being somewhat an addict to the poison…

As per conventional wisdom, an alcoholic/alcohol addict is a person who is totally dependent on liquor and would probably stop at nothing to get the liquor he craves. But if you scratch the surface you see a lost soul who is trying to drown his sorrows, at least temporarily. In other words, whether right or wrong, he/she has a reason to drink.

But what about the majority of consumers?

I’m just pondering over the fact that reality is, alcohol is all about moods. I mean, if you are happy, you drink; if you are sad, you drink. And the best part is that the quantities consumed rarely vary in proportion to your mood, which prompted you to drink in the first place. Simply put, the so called non-alcoholic is always guilty of drinking, most often than not, as a reflection of his/her mood.

I’m the first person to stand up and say, “drinking is great” but I have to ask, why has it come down to the fact that if you are going to “party” or simply hook up with your friends, alcohol is a prerequisite? Alcohol seems to be the driving factor in ensuring whether an occasion is a success or not (in many cases).

Does this mean that an entire generation comprises of slaves to alcohol but is turning a blind eye to that fact and just pointing fingers?

If you ask me, a person who drinks for a reason has to be on a higher pedestal than the majority who simply look for reasons to drink!

DISCLAIMER: Personally, I enjoy a good drink regardless of how I feel. I simply enjoy the buzz or drunken state that I get to, after a few (or many) “good shots” and I do know many who can relate but would never admit to this reality and point the finger at me accusing me of being “addicted”. But I love and cherish them nonetheless cos’ they do mean well.


Finally, done I guess (hope)...I'm kinda happy with the layout n to get the ball rolling...

Friday, June 18, 2010 many options...

3 cans down and still trying to figure my way around the page...may take awhile till i get the page layout the way I like it. But been at it out now for about 1 hour and so far so good..

First Post: Groundbreaking moment and my mind's all blank

This blows..Sitting here with my favourite beer in hand, staring at the screen.just started this blog and my mind - blank as a clean slate. Some may call it "writer's block". I assume it feels like this. You just don't know what to write. But reality is I'm not a writer, I'm far from it. but I can relate to some, cos' with nothing on my mind, managed to pen a few words to kick things off.