Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 – Something to look forward to, or simply a same ol’ same ol’?

It’s been awhile…anyways, glad to be back. Thanks for all the support and also the criticisms – constructive and whatever else that was thrown at me.

All the best for the New Year folks. I sincerely hope all your wishes come true, dreams are realized and all that is great happens to you so that come what may, the birth of 2012 will leave you saying – “Damn, I had a great year”.

Just the other night, I was sipping on my favourite beer, about to get ready to go to a friend’s place to bid 2010, goodbye. I was reminiscing about the year gone by and it suddenly hit me like a train. What the fuck? Although we’d all party our asses off this weekend, we’ve all got to get back to work on Monday and it is gonna be Same ol’ Same ol’. Same work, same colleagues and same old crap. Our resolutions are gonna be flushed down the toilet, dreams shattered and half way through January or February we realize that it is going to be a really shitty year. 

This thought just crushed my mood to celebrate. But, what’s interesting is the moment of “enlightenment” I had (yeah, yeah go ahead and laugh, but I swear it happened). I finished off the beer, listened to Sixx A.M (they are fucking awesome, I strongly recommend). Found myself listening to their hit single from 2008, Life is beautiful” and it was done. My mind was clear. I knew what I had to do. Grab 2011 by its neck, devour the life out of it and have a great fucking year.

For some reason it all seemed to fall into place. Life as I know it is going to be great this year. And I must admit, it feels damn good. I am sure you can relate. 

I am going to be doing the following to make sure I get there…

Dream BIG – I know I do, and people laugh at mine, but then again a person who has no dreams, has nothing. At least with dreams you have a sense of where you want to be. Taking the first step to making those dreams a reality is another story altogether (LOL).

Do something new – I plan to do stuff that I never had the will to do before- stuff that I never thought of doing due to fear of trying, fear of change etc (and yes, I will complete my dissertation, which I have been postponing for umpteen months). This year will be different. I will keep you posted on these adventures/misadventures as and when they occur.  Doing something new, will also include stuff that you do on a day-to-day basis. Just try doing them differently or try to find ways of doing the same things, better. Trust me, it works and keeps your days challenging and something to look forward to everyday.

I know I sound like these wannabe “leadership gurus”, but then again try what I said, and drop me a line to tell me how it worked out.

Also thanks to my moment of enlightenment, I’m happy to say, 31st night was spent with a few close friends and we bid solemn goodbye to 2010 and we had a heck of a time doing it. A lot of booze and cigarettes later it was 6 am (just like Sixx A.M – my current musical addiction) and we decided to call it a “night”, came back home and crashed. 

Now, reality hits, and we will all head off to work tomorrow (uurgghh). But then again I will try to walk my talk and make sure it that this year rocks! I do hope it will be the same for you too. Let me know how it turns out cos' I would love to hear from you.       


  1. Dis blog iz dam funny, u r funnay man (a mental)

  2. Crazyyyy!!! But wish 2012 be a good one!